Our Ethical Commitment

small quantities, slow fashion

Every piece we make is carefully hand-crafted.
In a world of over-production and non-stop consumption, we aim to create small and unique colections. Our goal is to reduce waist and to ensure high-quality, thoughtfully made designs. We are carefuly treating each of our items to make it last, and make sure to create long lasting design that would benefit our clients for years to come.

family owned factories

We have long time partnerships with small, local, family-owned factories, all across our supply chain. We pay a great deal of attention when it comes to choosing our suppliers and manufacturers, in order to guarantee a safe work environment to all employees.

Chemicals-free Vegetable Tanned leather

Regarded as the benchmark of the leather industry, this process contain nothing but natural and organic substances, involving fruits, leaves and tree bark. Based on crafmanship and traditional techniques, this methos is not only known as the most environmental friendly way to produce leather, but it is also results in a distinct appearance and unmatched durability.

Local manufacturing

Our designs are produce locally, In order to support small, local businesses and work-shops. It means less pollutant transportation, and high investment in the local craftmanships and the local community.

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